Thursday, 25 July 2013

From four-legged to two-legged life...

After a long silence on the blog, I can now let you know that life has taken a change...for the better :-)

In the autumn of 2011 - our long-awaited son, Martin was born to us. Since that time, the two-legged "puppy" has taken full precedence over the furry four-legs... With a bad conscience, I lent all my not-so-well-trained dogs to a friend who wanted to experience life with sleddogs.  He has had a a very active time, training and racing them in a 160km race - this from dogs that only trained for sprint! I know that they are having a good life, and now that the second year of being away from home, I have slowly come to realise that they will have a much better life with someone whom has the time for them!

So - I am now looking for permanent homes for all our lovely four-legs. I hope that they can still be active even if they may not race at the highest levels anymore. We shall see :-)

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